Chinese Lantern Manufacturer

Type of Lantern products

Large traditional land lantern

This product is the most important product type in the Lantern Festival. It is suitable for the exhibition of relatively flat land on square, street, park, flower terrace and so on. The theme can be traditional or modern. The size of the lamp set can be large and small, and the installation is simple and convenient. The lantern can be a flat lamp or a stereoscopic lantern.

Large traditional water lantern

The water lantern is the lantern installed on the water, and the process material is the same as the land lantern. But its installation process is more complex, either directly installed in the water, or installed on the buoy built. After lighting, these lanterns can form beautiful reflections on the water surface and attract tourists' attention. Of course, the selection of this kind of lantern has higher cost and higher installation cost.

Large theme door lantern

The door lantern is indispensable for a large lantern festival. It carries the theme of the Lantern Festival and provides access for visitors to the lantern. Under normal circumstances, these lanterns are relatively large in size, and in some cases they have to consider driveways and check tickets.

Scattered lanterns/Small stereoscopic lantern

This kind of lantern is a lantern composed of many small lamps. Each small lantern is an independent individual. On the whole, the theme is unified and the height is different. On the whole, a light group is formed. It is suitable for lawn, road sides, flower beds and so on. Visitors can be seen in it.

Aisle lantern/Sky lantern

The lantern style, which is very popular in the past few years, is usually made of multi style aisle lanterns or a long sky lantern. Visitors can travel under the lantern, look up at the sky and see the beautiful lanterns.
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