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Reflections on the quality standard of Zigong lantern industry

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A lecture on the senior class of the enterprise training conference
The author: a leader of the Zigong Quality Supervision Bureau
According to the meeting arrangement, I would like to exchange with you on behalf of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau about the related business work involved in the creation of the demonstration area.
There are two main tasks in the establishment of our bureau: one is to establish and perfect the evaluation index and evaluation system for quality work; the two is to actively guide the enterprises in the demonstration area to take part in the domestic and foreign standards, the revision of the technical regulations and the measures of foreign technical barriers to trade, and to organize and guide the city lottery in practice. The lamp production enterprise makes and revisions the standard of lantern cultural products. So, next, I will explain how to set up and improve the legal product standard for lantern enterprises in four aspects.
First question: how to understand the importance of product standards?

All of us here are entrepreneurs. I want to ask you what is the purpose of doing business? I think the answer is to make money, not to lose money. If we want to make money, there will be only two words "trading", and no money can be made without trading. We are doing business, what to do transactions, that is the product. The product can satisfy and exceed customer expectation is the necessary condition for enterprise survival and sustainable development. Without customers, the enterprise can not exist, let alone development. So what kind of products does the company produce are high quality products to meet and exceed customer expectations? What is the quality of its high quality? How can we reflect that the products we offer to our customers are high quality products? How can the quality of products be promised to users? These problems have become the problem we should pay attention to and study, that is, product standards.

2016 Zigong international dinosaur Lantern Festival

To truly understand and value product standards, we must understand the concept of product standards. Product standard: it refers to the uniform regulation of product quality and specification, and it is the basis for measuring the quality of products. The concept of product standard is easy to understand, we can simply understand it as "a special ruler", in particular, it is changing. As an example, in the first few years we have just begun to make color lights, we may be measuring the visual effects of the color lights as a "ruler". With the development of the society, we should not only pursue the visual effects of the color lights, but also pay attention to the design of the color lamps, the safety, the environmental protection, the reproducibility of production, and so on. The "ruler" has changed. The contents of the product standard generally include: the type, variety and structure form of the product; the main technical and performance indexes of the product; the packaging, storage and storage rules of the product; the operation description of the product and so on. The product must have the functions and applicability, reliability, safety, the best performance and price ratio, the novel appearance modeling, and so on. All the performance and characteristics of these products must be reflected by the product standard. It exists as the core of organizing production and carrying out enterprise management activities. Therefore, the prerequisite and basis for the existence and development of our lantern industry and lantern industry is to make good product standards.
The significance and importance of product standards are reflected in the following aspects.
(1) product standards are the basis for organizing product production and determining whether the product is qualified.
In the process of product from design to manufacturing, in order to ensure the product to achieve the predetermined technical performance and index, guarantee the quality of the product, the product from the design to the manufacturing process should be according to the requirements of the quality management system of the enterprise, according to the eight major management of quality management, according to the product in the different process of the special. We should use different management and statistical tools to effectively manage and control the relevant elements. In the case of the establishment of the quality management system, the control and management of the quality management system is provided by the program documents, and the basis for specific control must be given by the product standards and various technical standards and process documents around the products. Without product standards and relevant technical standards, quality management and quality control will not have specific targets and yardsticks.
In the process of product from design to manufacturing, each delivery stage or every production process can grasp and control the specific requirements of the technical specifications and safety performance of the product. It must also be qualitatively described and quantified according to the product standards.
The only basis of the product standards is to determine whether the products delivered are qualified, and whether the requirements of technical performance, safety, reliability and so on are fully realized. The incoming inspection of the products, the inspection in the production process and the inspection of the factory must be carried out according to the relevant contents of the product standards, to ensure that the unqualified raw materials do not flow into the production, the unqualified products are not transferred into the next process, and the unqualified products do not flow into the market, thus ensuring the products that have been delivered to the customers as qualified products.

It can be seen that no product standards can not normally organize the production of products, and can not judge whether the product meets the desired technical performance indicators and product quality requirements.

(two) product standards are necessary for enterprises to enter the market in accordance with the law.
China's National Standardization Law stipulates that "the products produced by enterprises do not have national standards and industry standards, the enterprise standards should be formulated as the basis for the organization of production." The product standards of the enterprise must be reported to the local government's standardized administrative departments and the relevant administrative departments for archival purposes. Where there are already national standards and trade standards, the State encourages enterprises to formulate enterprise standards that are stricter than those of national standards or trade standards and apply them within enterprises. For the healthy development of the market economy, in order to meet the standard interests of the customers, the relevant state departments should supervise and inspect the products sold by the enterprises in the market according to law, and the basis of supervision and inspection is the product standard. According to national laws, products without product standards are not allowed to produce and cannot be sold in the market. Therefore, in this sense, product standards are the "pass" for products to enter the market. Market economy is both a legal economy and a competitive economy. It is necessary to establish and implement the rules and order of fair competition effectively in the form of law. Product standards are formulated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, playing a role in regulating the market. Therefore, product standard is an essential condition and means for enterprises to participate in market competition according to law.
(three) product standards reflect customers' demand for products and enterprises' commitment to customers.
The customer needs to the product, the enterprise must give the customer through the product standard form to give the customer the promise, can make the customer understand and approve, form the trust to the enterprise, thus establish the good image and reputation of the enterprise in the customer's mind, set up the good reputation. The enterprise transforms the customer's demand (functional requirements) into the technical information that can guide the design and production through the product standard, that is, to transform the customer's functional requirements into qualitative description and quantitative expression, and to implement and verify the quality characteristics of the product accurately, so that the interests of the customers are guaranteed. Products in the market sales of publicity, advertising and the specific content of product instructions should be based on product standards, so that customers understand the specific conditions of product performance, characteristics, quality and other products. In this sense, the product standard is the bridge of communication between the enterprise and the customer. It is a technical text with legal utility between the enterprise and the customer. It embodies the reputation of the enterprise and protects the interests of the customers. Therefore, the product standard is the basis and basis for the enterprise to provide the best service for the customer. It is the essential condition for maintaining the good image of the enterprise and the reflection of the reputation of the enterprise.
(four) product standards embody the technological advantages of enterprises.
The high and new technologies and intellectual property rights and patents of products must be reflected in the form of product standards. Product standards reflect the technical level, quality and quality of products. Without high standard, there can be no high level of products, and the standards of high and new technology and intellectual property have the magic weapon and powerful weapon to win in the market competition. Whose standard can be used as "public standard" or "fact standard", who preempt the technical commanding point of market competition, who can gain great economic benefit and long-term competitive advantage. The high level of product standards depends on the level of technological development of enterprises and the premise and conditions of technological innovation. Only by leading the technological innovation ability and technical level of the same industry can a high level of product standards be produced, so as to design and produce the best products. In the final analysis, technological innovation is the key to seize the commanding heights of technology in market competition. Therefore, with the continuous emergence of enterprise innovation, as a reflection of the technological advantages of enterprises, product standards play an increasingly important role.
The second question: how to solve the problem of whether the current product standard of Lantern enterprises is available or not?
At present, according to statistics, there are more than 500 registered enterprises engaged in the color lamp industry and related product production, and more than 40 enterprises have been involved in the establishment of the national color lamp product import and export quality and safety demonstration area. As a whole, there are great problems in the construction of color lamp production enterprises in the whole city. There are three major types of standard system, such as technical standard, management standard and working standard, which are not perfect, especially the unsound and unstandard of product standards, even if it can be said to be missing and serious. Ring the development of our city lantern industry, product reputation and product competitiveness. At present, we need to solve the problems of product standards of Lantern manufacturers so as to improve them. There are three ways to solve the product standards.
The first way is the product produced by the color lamp enterprise. It is in conformity with the color lamp Association standard, the two standards of "Zigong simulation dinosaur" and "Zigong craft lamp", which can actively join the alliance and adopt and implement the alliance standard as the product standard.
The second way is to adopt the regional product standard of the lantern demonstration area. Zigong city has established the national leadership group office of the national color lamp culture export quality safety demonstration area, put forward the plan for the regional product standard of the color lamp demonstration area according to the promotion of the work, and the enterprises participating in the color lamp demonstration area can adopt and execute the regional product standard of the color lamp demonstration area. Product standard.
The third way is to set up product standards according to their own reality.
It is to be explained that the first two ways exist in the form of group (Alliance). I would like to briefly talk about the concept and meaning of group (Alliance) standard.
One is the standard concept of group (Alliance).

The standard of group (Alliance) is put forward in our country. Our country implements standardized work mode of national unified management. Everyone knows that the standard is divided into four levels: national standard, industry standard, local standard, and enterprise standard. Due to various reasons, the standard making (revision) cycle is long, some industries for a period of time will be lack of relevant unified standards. As the life cycle of the product and technology is shortened, in order to develop the standard to reflect the demand of the market as soon as possible, the Association (Science), or the enterprise and the research institution, related to the new technology project, are voluntarily aligned to drafting and formulating a standard document for common and repeated use and registered by the national standardization department. It is called the standard of the group (Alliance).
The two is the significance of promoting the standard of the group (Alliance).
The formulation and promotion of group (Alliance) standards are of great significance for solving the problem of standard loss, promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and improving the overall quality of the national standard, the industry standard and the local standard. When there is a standard deletion in a certain industry or field, the problem of solving standard deletion directly applies to national standards or industry standards or local standards and formulation, which is not only a long cycle but also a phenomenon of frequent revision. Long cycle is not conducive to timely guide and standardize the development of the industry; frequent bid revision cycle will become the bottleneck of industry development. As a supplement to the national standard, industry standard and local standard, the group (Alliance) standard has the advantages of quick setting speed, timely response to market demand, clear attribution of intellectual property right and high efficiency of standard popularization, which can effectively solve the problem of lack of standard in the industry.
The standard of group (Alliance) is usually accompanied by the rise of industrial cluster and local characteristic economy. It is put forward by the implementation of the standard innovation strategy and is the standard link to promote the diversification and development of each enterprise into the whole development. The standard of group (Alliance) is generally higher than the national standard and industry standard. It is in line with the advanced international standards. It plays an important role in improving the quality of the products and promoting the sustainable development of the industry.
Group (Alliance) standards lead the industry development, must be forward-looking and reflect the domestic industry leading level, for national standards, industry standards, local standards set a good foundation for the formulation of local standards. The standard of the group (Alliance) is included in the national standard, the industry standard system (repair) plan, and it is easy to realize the transformation. To a certain extent, the quality of the national standard and the industry standard is guaranteed. For example, the standard project of "motor vehicle children's occupant restraint system" is first proposed by the China Standardization Association, and organizes the domestic and foreign related enterprises and research institutions, including Beijing modern and Chinese Volkswagen, including the Pan Asian automotive technology center, the FAW technology center and other professional automotive technical institutions. Some manufacturers of motor vehicle restraint systems with technical strength were formulated with reference to advanced standards such as the United States and Japan and the European Union, and were formally implemented in July 1, 2012 as a national mandatory standard. Practice has proved that many organizations cooperate to draft standards, which can better guarantee the applicability of standards. At the same time, the standard drafting process has set up an interactive bridge for enterprise related research. Although the group (alliance) standard has obtained the widespread social recognition in our country, it is still in the initial stage of development at present.
Three is the standard development characteristic of foreign group (Alliance).
The standardized management of the developed countries and regions, such as the United States, Japan and the European Union, is divided into three levels: the state (government), the Association (Study) and the enterprise (the company) at the three level.
(1) The Government authorizes and entrusts the Association for Standardization to manage, plan and coordinate standardization affairs in a unified manner, and is responsible for supervision and financial support.
(2) standardized Association (Study) will have full autonomy in the standard formulation, review, approval, publication, publishing and distribution, and information services, and form a strict and efficient working procedure and management model.
(3) the research work and standard drafting of the national standards generally entrust the Industry Association (Study) to be in charge of the civil society or research institutions, or to adopt the double sign system for the standard of the Association (Study) through the review, and directly adopt the national standard. This standardized management system makes group (alliance) standards in developed countries and regions have penetrated into all aspects of social and economic life. It is not only the technical support of laws and regulations, but also the basic basis of market access, contract contract maintenance, trade arbitration, qualification evaluation and product inspection. It has played a role in improving the competitiveness of domestic products and trade protection.
The third question: how to solve the problem of the legitimacy of product standards.
As the basis for the arbitration and inspection of the product trade, the product standard is not the basis for the product standard chosen by the enterprise. This is based on the record standard, only the record enterprise standard is legal. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to take the implementation of product standards to the competent standardization department for the record, that is, the Quality Supervision Bureau for the record. Two, according to the spiritual requirement of the document "the State Council's notice on the reform of standardization work reform program of the State Council" (national hair [2015] 13), the enterprise standard self declaration is open according to the "public management method of Sichuan enterprise standard self declaration", and the product standard of enterprise self declaration is open to the enterprise to complete the enterprise. The product standard is put on record. "Sichuan Province Enterprise Standard Self-declaration Open Management Measures" stipulates: Enterprise Product Standard does not make self-declaration public according to the provisions.

The two is to meet the needs of tendering and bidding. At present, government procurement is becoming more and more standardized. In some bidding documents, the quality of the products has clearly put forward the requirements of product implementation standards. If our lantern enterprises have standards, they will be able to carry out bidding smoothly. In the next step, we will also recommend that the Zigong Municipal Government regulate the bidding for the production of colored lanterns for the Zigong Lamp Fair.
The three is to be rewarded and encouraged by the government. The enterprise that participates in the revision of the system is either a high-tech enterprise, or a technology center enterprise or an intellectual property right pilot unit, or a new product identification or evaluation enterprise or an innovative pilot enterprise. It is also a process that the standardization is the process of combining technology, patent and standard. Therefore, the government encourages enterprises to participate in drafting standards, giving encouragement and guidance. At present, from the point of view of the standard work reward policy of self used municipal government, it is rewarded with 150 thousand to 50 thousand yuan to lead or participate in international standards, national standards and industry standards.
The four is to train a team of technical personnel. The formulation of standards is a systematic work. The formulation of enterprise product standards should follow the following principles: (I) in line with the relevant laws, regulations and regulations of the state; (two) conforming to the national industrial development policy and policy; (three) conforming to compulsory national standards, industry standards and local standards requirements; (four) full protection of human health and personal property safety and protection of dynamic planting. Health and safety of life; (five) protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, protecting the environment, making use of resources and saving energy; (six) ensuring product quality and product safety; (seven) fully reflecting the quality characteristics and functional characteristics of the product, which involves cooperation in all aspects of product production, and can be used in the process of formulating standards. Talents in this field are trained to lay a solid foundation for the development of enterprises'talent needs, and even to cultivate well-known technical experts in the industry.
Comrades, I only changed posts to the standardization department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau last week. At the same time, I was also the first time to take part in such a meeting. I would like to forgive you, but I sincerely hope that everyone can work together to standardize the color lamp industry and actively devote to the establishment of a demonstration of quality and safety. In the work of the District, we should do a good job of the profits and profits.
Thank you all.

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