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The Zigong Lantern Festival will be held in the lantern world in 2019.

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The Lantern Festival in Zigong, which has been widely distributed for thousands of years, stands out in the light of the lantern culture of China and has won the title of "the first lamp of heaven".
It can be said that the diligent and clever people of Zigong have created the brilliance of Zigong lanterns, and the brilliance of Zigong lanterns has made the beautiful Zigong.
On February 26, the Zigong Municipal People's Government and the Overseas Chinese Town (Chengdu) Investment Co., Ltd. signed the "Zigong City China Color Lantern World" investment invitation agreement. After the signing of the contract, the two sides will jointly set up the color lamp operation company, with a new concept, new technology and a new model, the Zigong color lamp will be pushed to the whole country and to the world. At the same time, the Chinese lantern lantern world project is the carrier of the lantern industry development.
Milestone time in the development of color lamp industry in Zigong
The project of "China lantern great world" is divided into two phases.
The first phase of the colored lantern theme park (including colored lantern park, colored lantern town, red tourism, Zigong lighthouse) project will be completed and put into operation by December 31, 2018.
The second phase of light Expo City, color lamp / lighting technology research and development center, lighting theme hotel, color lamp headquarters base, and other 4 sub projects, will be completed by December 31, 2022.
The Zigong Lantern Festival will be moved to the new site in 2019
In a speech at the signing ceremony, Zhang Dafan, vice president of the overseas Chinese city stock company and the general manager of the western investment company of overseas Chinese city, said that the overseas Chinese city and Zigong have begun to cooperate closely in the color lantern industry and have seen the first effect. During the Spring Festival this year, the Chinese city and Zigong Lantern Festival, which was jointly invested by the overseas Chinese city and the Zigong City, was the largest, highest and most influential Lantern Festival in China and the world. In Xi'an, a brilliant lighting ceremony was held in Xi'an, and the theme of China was lit with color lights, at the same time Lighting up 12 cities across the country has produced tremendous social influence. The overseas Chinese city will join hands with Zigong again, build the China color lantern world project in the eastern new town of Zigong, and take Zigong "city culture meeting hall + international cultural tourism destination + light shadow industry research base" as the core idea, and strive for the grand opening of the twenty-fifth Zigong Lantern Festival in the new color Lantern Park in the eastern new town in 2019.
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