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Zigong was selected as the first national culture export base

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The reporter learned from the service trade department of the Sichuan Department of commerce that the Ministry of Commerce, the Propaganda Department, the Ministry of culture and tourism, the State Administration of radio and television (2018 fifty-first) confirmed the 13 national cultural export bases, and the Zigong city was successfully selected.

The Zigong Lantern Festival is a cultural card of Sichuan and even China. It carries more than 800 years of human culture. As a national intangible cultural heritage, Zigong Lantern Festival is not only a support for the national lantern show, but also an important carrier of international cultural exchange and trade. In recent years, 7 lamps and trade enterprises in Zigong have been awarded the title of "key enterprises of national culture export" in the business hall and other provincial departments.

 The "Sichuan lantern Silk Road" has occupied the market share of the 80% light exhibition in the world. In 2017, the export of cultural products and services in Zigong exceeded 20 million US dollars. The approved national cultural export base in Zigong will participate in international cooperation and competition at a higher level and wider range, and will set up new benchmarks for the development of Sichuan's foreign cultural trade and economic transformation.

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