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Chinese lanterns are renowned for their ancient and modern times. The Lantern Festival in Zigong has long enjoyed a high reputation. The industrious and intelligent people of Zigong have not only dedicated the world's unparalleled well salt technology to the world, but also contributed the magnificent coloured lantern technology to mankind. The Lantern Festival in Zigong, which has been widely distributed for thousands of years, stands out in the light of the Chinese lantern culture. It has won the title of "the first lamp of heaven", making the famous national historical and cultural city famous for "the thousand years of salt capital", "the hometown of dinosaurs" and "the southern lamp city". The Festival Lantern Festival in Zigong has a long history and distinctive characteristics. Since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a new year lighting custom, which has been extended to the Qing Dynasty, that is, "lion lamp field city" and "lamp pole Festival". By the beginning of twentieth Century, the Festival Lantern Festival is gradually formed, and the activities such as sky lamps, dragon lanterns, lion lanterns, lanterns and so on are put on. So as to develop into a gathering of local folk customs and festivals. In 2007, the Zigong Lantern Festival was designated by the Ministry of culture as an excellent export cultural product and service item. During the period of World Expo in 2010, the summit forum of China Festival was also held in the same period, and the Zigong Lantern Festival was awarded the "China Festival industry award in the new century and the ten year of the new century, the most attractive festival in China" in the ten year of the new century.

Zigong Shang Mei Culture and Art Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2013, registered capital of 1 million, the core team of the company engaged in the color lamp industry for nearly 20 years (98 years to do full-time lighting artists). The company specializes in the design, production, exhibition, and sale of color lights, lanterns, colored cars & boats, folk craft lights, simulation of living mechanical dinosaur, sculpture, city lighting, city lighting engineering and so on. In the past 20 years, we have collaborated with the relevant units or enterprises in several provinces and counties in China to cooperate with various colorful lights projects, such as Tonghua, Faun, Handan of Hebei,Guangfu ancient city, Anhui Mount Huangshan, Wuhu, Jiangxi Nanchang, Fuzhou, Chongqing Yubei,Taiyuan, Ningwu, Liulin, Gaoping, Shenmu of Shaanxi, Bazhong, Suining, Guangyuan, Jianyang, Xinjiang, Akesu, Kashi, Kashi, Bazhong, Bazhong, Bazhong, Bazhong, Bazhong, Suining, Jianyang, etc. At the same time, with the establishment and business development of the company, the company has accumulated a large number of outstanding local managerial talents and Folk Lantern craftsmen in Zigong.

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This logo design is inspired by Chinese traditional seal carving process. Incised carving and relief carving can best reflect the spirit of craftsmen striving for excellence.

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